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"6 it and I love it!!!"

I was playing on a swing set with my nephews, jumped off   wrong broking 4 bones in my foot !!! (trying to show them how a real man does it). lol
Now my foot is full of pins, screws, and a metal plate. I'll be in a cast for about 4 more weeks so I look forward to trying out the Castscratcher!  So far I've been using a knitting needle, but I am afraid that I might scratch the skin underneath the cast.
Such a simple idea and design, and very effective. I had been using a knitting needle, but this is much better. No fear of scratching my skin or tearing the fabric inside the cast.
          Many thanks,
                       David         Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hey Anthony,
  Castscratcher saved my sanity. The cast is off now and wrist seems to have healed well. I will keep telling people about it.
  I grew up on Oahu, up Pacific Heights. I had cousins in Kailua though, the Thompson family. I'll be headed back home in July with my girls to see my folks and get some local "grinds". :)
              Tina       West Jordan, Utah

Castscratcher is working great and I'm so glad I bought it. It's my new security blanket.
I'd give you two thumbs up for the Castscratcher but only have one working right now so that'll have to do until the cast comes off. lol
             Jon Allen

  My son's thumb healed just fine, thanks. The Castscratcher was a great help. We have since used it for other family members who have had casts!   It's truly a mind-saver and never "overscratched." Thanks for a great product. I highly recommend it.
Hi Anthony,
The Castscratcher has been wonderful! The day before it arrived, however, Katie called me from school to say she'd stuck a pen down her cast to scratch and the cap of the pen came off. So her 6-day old cast had to be cut off and a new one put on. Luckily your scratcher arrived the very next day and she's been carefully using it since then.
             Karen         Menlo Park, CA
Hi Anthony,
Thanks for the follow up!
The Castscratcher arrived promptly - much sooner than the promised 5 business days.  We used a chopstick until the Castscratcher arrived.  She did get good 
use out of it, and she liked it much better than the chopstick.

All-in-all, I'm quite happy with my order. Thanks for offering it, and I hope you do well. And thanks about the advice - I've heard other stories about re-breaks.
       Best regards,
                      Martin         Alameda, CA
He loved the Castscratcher!!!   It was a big relief for him and it was fun. 
The cookies have been moved~ lol 
     Chelsie      Middleton, ID
Hi Anthony,
Thanks for checking in. I couldn't live without the Castscratcher! It's been a Godsend and works just perfectly! I get my cast off next week but will hang on to my Castscratcher just in case it's needed again.
         Amy      DeKalb, IL
My 7 year old daughter was riding in a golf cart with her brother, and she fell out and broke her wrist. Due to swelling in the hand, she can't use the Castscratcher from that end yet. She is able to use it from the end above her elbow. The Castscratcher was definitely a good buy.       Thank you,
                   Anita             Fort Worth,  TX
I love it! I have a leg cast and have found it very useful. What I like most is its flexibility that makes me able to get to the tight spots to relieve any itching without injuring myself.
           Linda         Miami, FL
Hello Anthony,

My friend received the Castscratcher I ordered for her after she fell and broke her elbow. She was in a temporary cast at the time and was having difficulty reaching the itchy spots. Since her operation she's now in a regular cast for the next 12 weeks and she can't thank me enough for sending the Castscratcher to her. What a wonderful invention! I'm so glad I found your web site! Thanks again!

Diane     Vineland,  NJ
The Castscratcher isn't for me, our daughter is the one who was in need of it.  Our daughter loves the device.

Love Hawaii, haven't been there since 1993. :-(
      JoAnn        Crestwood,  MO
Aloha Anthony!!! 
Thank you so much!! Your genius has saved the day!! He loves the Castscratcher and I hope you make millions!
 It does the job and it gets to every place! I will be promoting your Castscratcher where ever there is an opportunity including the docs on Friday. I'll let you know how that goes! You are the best and I'm glad I found you!

  Mahalo!!! Jackie

The Original Castscratcher
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Hi Jan,

First of all, want to thank you very much for your Castscratcher order.
I just wanted to clarify if they are all for you, or if you have a shop and plan on selling them.

The reason I ask, is that if you are selling them I would send them individually packaged. If not I'll send them in a bundle.
If they are all for you personally, you shouldn't need that many.

Remember, they are unbreakable, so it's not like you'll be going 
through them, unless you lose them of course.

What kind of salesman am I? lol Talking you out of buying them.
Anyway, as I said, I just want to clarify that you are sure of the order. 

Again, thank you very much and I will wait til tomorrow to send them 
out if I don't hear from you sooner.
Much Aloha,
How cool of you to try NOT to sell me more than I need. You are a rare sales bird indeed! Actually I did buy a few more cause I thought they would break. I've never been in a cast and I want to pull my hair out. If you can drive 'em over I'll put a nice steak on the BBQ for ya! lol

Actually I work in Home Health and Hospice and thought that some of our patients might be able to use them, so I'd just send them out with any nurse who might have a patient in need. I just thought that if they can help me, why not me help others out as well. A dozen isn't a lot, but there might be some families out there with casts on the bones of their loved ones who are going as crazy as I am! .

Thanks so much for your concern.
         My best,
Hey Anthony,
I had surgery on my right wrist. I had a car accident. I was hit from behind.  I tore a ligament and need to fuse my carpel bones back together. So I will need the Castcratcher because I'll be stuck with a cast for 3 months. I googled what I should do when I have an itch and I found your site. Thanks for responding and your business. Can't wait to recieve I'm itching as I write... Lol
Thank you again,
Hey anthony I recieved the Castscratcher today. WOW very fast  shipping. It's GREAT!!!! I love it. It does the job. It's very flexible so I can get the right spots. 
Best product.
            Thank you!!!!
                                 Liddy   Tampa, FL