The Original Castscratcher
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  • INSTANT RELIEF:  Mildly rub, not scratch your itchy cast now.  No hook-ups or plug-ins.

  • FLEXIBLE:    Follows the contour of your arm or leg, making it easy to guide to your itch.   

  • VERY CONVENIENT:  Keep the Castscratcher right in your cast, always having it handy.  

  • NON-DESTRUCTIVE:   Does not disturb the inner lining of your cast or tear at your skin.   
  • SAFE / UNBREAKABLE:   With supervision, used  by children as young as 3 years old.  

  • MOST  EFFECTIVE:   Does exactly what you want and expect ......IT GETS THAT ITCH!

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                              Your search for something to relieve that irritating itchy cast is over.  

                 The Original Castscratcher is specifically designed to solve your itchy cast problem.  

                                            Click the video button below to view a demonstration. 

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          Major benefits are:

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